AERATED White Chocolate

You don't need a whipping siphon for this aerated white chocolate brittle! A good vacuum machine and a freezer. The result is a delicious and surprisingly light chocolate that you can use as part of a dessert or with coffee or tea.



400 gr White chocolate (low fluidity) - Callebaut CW2



Place 2 Oysterize's in the freezer

Vacuum the chocolate callets in a vacuum bag.


Heat the bag of chocolate in a sous-vide bath as described on the package. For this Callebaut chocolate:

- heating to 45 ᵒC

- cool to 27 ᵒC

- heating to 31ᵒC


Transfer the chocolate to a cup and blend with the hand blender for 2 minutes to add oxygen.


Pour a thin layer of chocolate into a container or other mold so that it completely covers the bottom.


Place the tray in the cold Oysterize and vacuum it in a bag. Only at almost complete vacuum does the chocolate expand. Stop the machine when the chocolate has expanded sufficiently.


Put the Oysterize in the freezer for at least 3 hours.



Because no whipping siphon is required, a flavor or something crispy can be added to the chocolate in the cup.


Super light parfait of pine nuts

This recipe was developed by Gastronomixs. The end result is a parfait where 0.5 liters weighs no more than 40 grams. That lightness not only looks beautiful, it ensures that all aromas come into their own.

You can find the full recipe and ingredients here