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User Guide

De Oysterize™ should only be used by professionals and is not suitable for consumers.


  • Don’t expose the Oysterize™ to temperatures exceeding 80°c of 176°f as this can damage the Oysterize™

  • Clean the Oysterize™ preferably by hand. A dishwasher can be used but will reduce the lifespan

  • Small cracks or hairline cracks may appear after frequent use.

  • Do not continue to use the Oysterize™ if any shell part is cracked, broken or otherwise damaged in any way. In that case replace it with a new one.

The force that acts on an Oysterize™ after the vacuum process is substantial. It is therefore very important to carefully follow the instructions.

You can dowload the User Guide in PDF format here


The Oysterize consists of twoidentically shaped shells which together form a container.

A container is formed by placing the trays on top of each other in opposite directions. If the shell parts are properly placed on top of each other, the top shell fits exactly on the bottom one. The top scale does not shift relative to the bottom scale.

It is easy to see how the dishes should be placed on top of each other in two ways

1) There are two small recesses in the rim to let air flow in and out. If the trays are properly stacked, the openings will be on both sides of the container.

2) FIt the top shell is correctly placed, the small handles on each side of the bottom shell shoud be visible and not be hidden under the handles of the top shell.

Make sure that the trays are properly stacked in the vacuum machine before it is put into operation.

For further information regarding the Oysterize please contact:

Fusina Verloop

Cell (+31)6-26530097