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Oysterize... what is it?


Oysterize is a new and innovative product used to make light and aereated structures in products such as chocolate and ice cream. You can also use the Oysterize to marinate very quickly or to prepare sous vide. And, last but not least: keep food extremely fresh! You can store delicate or airy products in a vacuum without compressing them.

The Oysterize consists of two identical shells that, in combination with a vacuum bag, form a space that can be completely vacuumed. This vacuum space can be can be used for various purposes as described below..


Marinate / Infuse

All pores in products will open up under vacuum, making marinating and infusion much better and faster. In the Oysterize, the pores remain open until the bag around the shell is removed. This allows deeper penetration of the fluid in the product. A fantastic result can be achieved in a few minutes..

Aerated structures

Products such as parfait, ice cream and liquid chocolate will expand during the vacuuming process in the Oysterize. By stopping the vacuum process at the right time and allowing the contents to solidify by cooling, beautiful airy structures can be created. The oxygen in the product also enhances the flavor.


Sous Vide cooking

Delicate products such as langoustines, quails or delicate pieces of fish can be cooked in the oven in the Oysterize sous vide (up to 75° C). By cooling the Oysterize after cooking, the contents will remain good for longer.


Keep fresh

Delicate products that oxidize or discolour quickly, such as sliced avocados, double-shelled beans or sliced salami, will remain fresh and retain their flavour for much longer in the Oysterize without additional aids. In addition, the vacuum slows down bacterial growth.

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The top chefs at Gastronomixs have developed a number of inspiring recipes for us. check them out here (iN dutch) >>>


What does it do?

By pulling a vacuum in the Oysterize, all the oxygen is removed and the pressure in the box is reduced to almost zero. The Oysterize makes good use of these properties for a number of applications in the kitchen. Lowering the pressure can be used to expand any air bubbles present in the food in the Oysterize. This is used for creating aerated structures or marinating.

The absence of oxygen means that products hardly oxidize, so the product maintain colour, flavour and crispiness. In addition, the growth of bacteria and fungi that are sensitive to air is strongly inhibited. Together this ensures that products stay fresh longer in an Oysterize. Depending on the type of product, this can make a very big difference.


How does it work?

Place the product in the bottom (white) shell. Then place the other (transparent) shell part on top and put it all in a standard vacuum bag (40x25 cm). Vacuum the bag containing the Oysterize in your vacuum packing machine. The machine must be of the chamber type with a chamber of at least 50x30x10 cm.

Most vacuum sealing machines pull a vacuum of at least 99.8%

Specifications Oysterize

Minimum temperature: -40 ° C

Maximum temperature: 80 ° C

Content: approx. 2 liters

Length: 284 mm

Width: 200 mm

Height: 90 mm

Weight: approx. 640 grams

Material: Polycarbonate

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Who are we?

Entrepreneur Eric Bal has developed Oysterize into an industrial product. As an enthusiastic hobby chef, he wanted a simple product to prepare and store in a vacuum. Eric developed a unique solution with Oysterize. This makes Oysterize Dutch design, a 100% Dutch product that is produced in the Netherlands and that creates new possibilities and prevents food waste.

Fusina Verloop, previously worked for 12 years in various purchasing departments of the leading Dutch premium retail department store (De Bijenkorf). After that, she promoted succesfully Dutch and Flemish cookbooks and cookbook authors for 11 years. As owner of De Wonderneming, among other things, she has organised a national cookbook election. With her PR agency she now builds on the name & fame of various brands.

For information about Oysterize, please contact:

Fusina Verloop

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